We see change
as an opportunity

Zibra is kickstarting the innovation that is going to change the world and solve the problems
we experience – both locally and globally.


The family-owned investment company, Zibra A/S, was founded by the entrepreneur Niels Zibrandtsen. He was one of the significant players in the 1990’s, when the Danish tele monopoly was broken and paved the way for new business based on innovative telecommunication solutions and the ability to execute.

Niels Zibrandtsen early saw the opportunities and established the telecommunications company GlobalConnect, which offered the business market a new, fast fiber-based data infrastructure and the first wireless connection across Øresund.

The foundation for success was laid, and the big thoughts that were behind the company’s name turned out to hold true. The sale of GlobalConnect – 20 years later – enabled Niels Zibrandtsen to have the freedom to invest more in the DNA he has always believed in; people who think fundamentally different and therefore can see opportunities and solutions no-one else can see.

Zibra's Purpose

Zibra was created to invest smart money in innovative business ideas and people who executes, change and improve the world.
We regard our investments as ‘smart money’ – that is, we not only supply capital, but wish to contribute actively to the value addeding of the company. We believe in innovation, as a catalyst in changing and improving the world. And we invest in ideas and people who have the potential and courage to kickstart this innovation.

Get things done

Innovation is about making things happen. An innovation is the development of a new idea and its realization in practice. Zibra contributes with investment and active participation – to convert ideas into business. And we are not afraid to strive hard for growth once we get the right idea. We focus on investments that drives development and change in society.


We believe that mutual respect, honesty and openness are the virtues of which you are building a business. We invest in people we trust.
We are always in search of the people who have spark, who’s heart is in the right place and will do the best they can. These are the people we believe in – because it is the person themselves we invest in or hire as employees. We focus on ethics, running a conscious business and giving back to society around us.



Challenge of “the usual” is our focal point. It requires courage to go new ways, courage to challenge and courage to fail. Only courage can kickstart the innovation that is going to change the world and that can solve the problems we are experiencing – both locally and globally. We have the courage to see “the change” as an opportunity. We create a creative space where you can play and be allowed to fail, so you can learn from the mistakes and come back with an even better solution.


Christian Holm Christensen

Chief Executive Officer

Christian has a military background incl. two deployments in the late 90s, as well as a MSc. of education from Aarhus University. Christian has extensive experience from the IT industry, where he has worked with negotiation, management, transformation and development of companies. Christian has also worked as an entrepreneur and has successfully built 3 companies. Recently, as CEO of GlobalConnect, Christian has massively grown the company up to the sale to a private equity fund.

In Zibra, Christian, with his extensive experience in growth, sales and management, contributes to increasing the value of all types of companies.

Jesper Celano

Chief Finance Officer

Jesper holds an HD (R) from the University of Southern Denmark and most recently came from a position as a management consultant where he helped a number of companies with strategy, business development and CFO services. Previously, he was employed by the IT company GlobalConnect, where he was an active part of the journey towards sales in 2016.
Jesper has more than 13 years of experience with finance from various industries and company sizes and in his role as CFO of Zibra, is responsible for the group’s overall financial activities.
At Zibra, Jesper contributes with his background in entrepreneurship and finance, with M&A activities and CFO services to the group companies as well as the companies in which Zibra chooses to invest smart money.

Anton Therkildsen

Chief Commercial Officer

Anton has an HD (A) from Copenhagen Business School and most recently comes from a position as CSO at the IT company GlobalConnect. Previously he has been employed in the IT company Fujitsu, where he has been employed as both sales director and acting CEO, as well as with IT companies Hewlett-Packard and IBM, where he has held a number of leading roles. Anton has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and management and, in his new role, is responsible for the group’s overall commercial activities.

In Zibra, Anton contributes with his strong backing in the field of large customer sales, partner sales and marketing, and thus increased growth for all the group’s companies.


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