Are you on the hunt for “smart money” to your idea/company?

We are always looking for new opportunities.
On this page you can see, what it takes to get us interest.


Zibra invests in innovative ideas, people and companies. We are always open to new ideas that breaks with traditional solutions and contribute positively to social development. We would like to hear from you and how you think Zibra can contribute to the development of your business. In order to process your application as best as possible, we have the following workflow:


Send us a pitch deck containing descriptions and answers to the following 12 points


  1. Which problem do we solve?
    We are in a world where it flows with good ideas and concepts. In order for your idea to shine through, it requires you to solve a specific problem.
  2. How do we solve it?
    Quickly describe out how to solve the specific problem. Describe how the solution/concept/idea addresses it and how the solution is innovative. Investors like us receive many inquiries, so we’d like to get to the core quite quickly.
  3. Who is in our team?
    This demonstrates whether your team has the right skills and thus has the opportunity to drive the business to a success.
  4. What is our business model?
    Describe your business model. There are business models that are better implemented than others. Ie is it a subscription or a product sales business case?
  5. What is the size of the market and the market expectations?
    Describe the size of the market for the solution or product you are working with.
  6. Why now?
    Timing is everything, why is our investment crucial right now?
  7. Who are our customers and references?
    Are there paying customers or proof of concept. Who / what is it?
  8. What investors do we have?
    Tell us which investors you already have in the company (if any). It creates security and reassures the investor.
  9. Who are our competitors?
    Be honest about what competitors you have and explain how to differentiate yourself.
  10. Status of development and milestones?
    Describe how far you have come in the development and which milestones are to be reached to make it across the finishline. There is always a close coherence between the milestone plan and the budget.
  11. What is our plan to win customers?
    What sales strategy is ready or what are the plans for it? Which channels should be used to reach customers? Are there any partners, or is it direct sales?
  12. What does our financial plan look like?
    Have a thorough financial plan: What does the project/company need in capital over a period of time? Will the first capital take the project all the way, if no, how far? As a decision maker or investor, we want see how the money is used.


  • We will treat your application confidentially in our investment committee, where we rate your application in relation to a number of parameters.
  • You will receive an email receipt from Zibra once the application is received.
  • The investment committee has a processing time of up to four weeks from the date of receipt of the application.
  • If we consider your pitch as an investment opportunity, we will invite you for an in-depth presentation with selected members of the investment committee. At the meeting you will have the opportunity to have a open dialogue with us and to answer additional questions.

If we find that we can not contribute with an investment, you will receive a written refusal with a reasoning and possibly good advice.